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The STR-4100 Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraint, part of the Smooth Transition Dok System, helps prevent vertical and horizontal trailer movement. By securely engaging the trailer’s rear impact guard and stabilizing the rear of the trailer, the STR-4100 offers the ultimate level of safety. 

STR-4100 Features and Benefits

  • Hydraulic cylinders help stabilize trailer to prevent trailer drop.
  • Ensures smooth transition between loading dock and trailer with a 35,000lb vertical loading rating to stabilize even heavier loads.
  • Full-time communication of the Dok-Lok control box when entering and exiting the trailer is provided with Corner-Vu and Leveler-Vu.
  • Helps reduce jolts to forklift operators, minimizes product damage, and reduces repairs on loading dock equipment.
  • Helps prevent all types of trailer separation accidents, using a unique rotating hook design, such as aggressive early departure, trailer creep, dock walk, as well as trailer tip-over from landing gear collapse or trailer up-ending.
  • Rotating hook reaches over 6″ to help maintain engagement in below-dock end-load situations.
  • Automatically positioned utilizing energy of backing trailer.
  • Designed to withstand impact of trailers backing in at the dock.
  • Stored above ground to stay clear of debris, ice and snow for maximum reliability.
  • Low maintenance with self-lubricated rollers.
  • Universal controls feature audible alarm with coded override, outside light monitors, simple trouble-shooting and self-diagnostics.
  • Interior and exterior LED lights provide long life and use less energy. Interior, colored LED bulbs help prevent miscommunication in the event a lens cover is missing or broken.
  • 12-month money-back satisfaction guarantee standard with all Johnson Equipment products.
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty