Loading Dock Seal & Shelter Solutions

Loading Dock Seal & Shelter Safety Solutions

Slips, trips and falls are the most common injuries sustained at the loading dock. While a wide range of safety products exist, one of the most important and often overlooked in-plant safety solutions are dock seals and shelters.

Safety Products

Insulator II Dock Seal

One of the most durable dock seals on the market, the Insulator II features a pleatless, friction-resistant side pad design and a new high performance header, built to safely protect high-traffic doors. Learn more.

L-Pad Dock Seal

The Frommelt L-Pad is constructed from l-shaped foam side pads designed to allow forklifts to safely pass between the trailer and loading dock. With the added benefit of a burn resistant durathon fabric face, the L-Pad is one of the safest seals on the market. Learn more.

Survivor Impactable Rigid Frame Shelter

While wood, fiberglass and steel shelters are prone to splinter or dent, causing major damage and risk to dock workers, impactable shelters like the Survivor can withstand hits from off-center trailers without suffering permanent damage. Learn more.

Safety Services

Loading Dock Seal & Shelter Presentation

Our industry experts are available to visit your facility for a presentation on in-plant seal and shelter safety. Learn more.


Broken dock seals and shelters pose a serious safety risk to plant workers passing between the warehouse and trailers. Broken seals and shelters can fall into the dock entryway and potentially strike and injure workers. Repairing seals and shelters must be a top priority.


On-going maintenance of dock seals and shelters in your warehouse can reduce the risk of in-plant safety accidents by replacing worn products before they fail. Learn more.

Dock Seal & Shelter Security Solutions

Loading dock seals and shelters are an often overlooked aspect of plant security. Dock seals in particular are responsible for filling any gaps between the loading dock and trailers. Without the proper seal, your loading dock is susceptible to theft, especially if trucks remain in the loading bay overnight.

Properly sealing your loading dock can help keep the products in your warehouse from becoming part of the over $30 billion in cargo stolen from loading docks each year.

Security Products

L-Pad Dock Seal

The L-Pad’s unique l-shape and beveled edge allow it to effectively fill the space between the trailer and the loading dock. This tight seal prevents convenient access for would be dock thieves. Learn more.

Door Weather Seals

The Gap-Sealr bottom door seal and the Wedg-It sectional door seal fills the gaps between loading dock door and the warehouse itself. These products work together to eliminate gaps that would otherwise leave the loading dock vulnerable to cargo thieves. Learn more.

Combo Shelter II

The highly adaptable combo shelter provides the necessary loading dock protection for a wide variety of trailer types without sacrificing security. Learn more.

Security Services


Loading dock seals and shelters that become worn down or left in disrepair may leave your plant vulnerable to theft. Keep your facility secure with the help of Johnson Equipment’s loading dock repair technicians.


We can also help you stay ahead of repairs with ongoing in-plant maintenance of your loading dock seals and shelters. Our state-of-the-art equipment monitoring system will help keep you up to date on the facility secure. Learn more.

Dock Seal and Shelter Energy Efficiency Solutions

Keeping your facility climate controlled with trailers at the loading dock is a vital part of plant energy efficiency. Effective loading dock seals are the best way to save your company money by improving your facility’s energy efficiency.

Investing in energy efficiency solutions at the loading dock requires energy-efficient sealing products and consistent repair and maintenance of existing seals and shelters.

Energy Efficiency Products

Insulator II Dock Seal

The high performance Insulator seal features a re-designed header and friction-resistant side pads that provide industry-leading durability and sealing efficiency under any circumstance and dock configuration. Learn more.

Eliminator GapMaster II Soft-sided Shelter

The GapMaster II is the only full access dock shelter that also features an energy efficient seal. This seal’s unique GapMaster hooks provide a seal around the trailer hinge gaps without restricting access to loads for optimal usability and energy efficiency. Learn more.

Weather Seals

Small gaps at the loading dock between the door and trailer often appear to be small issues; however, even the smallest gaps can cause major in-plant energy loss. The Gap-Sealr and Wedg-It products fill the gaps between the loading dock equipment including levelers, seals, and doors. Learn more.

Energy Efficiency Services


Emergency repairs to your facility’s loading dock seals and shelters often occur when trucks or forklifts permanently damage your dock equipment. In these situations, it’s easy to forget that dock damage also has a major effect on the energy efficiency of your facility. Our repair experts are always on call to quickly repair your dock and restore energy efficiency.


Improving your facility’s energy efficiency requires paying close attention to the details. When you join our on-going maintenance plan, our high-tech plant monitoring system will track all of your equipment to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Learn more.