Dock Shelters

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Dock Shelter models vary primarily on their levels of impactability (ability to withstand hits from off-center trailers) and their degree of sealing efficiency. All shelters are available in a variety of fabrics, including our exclusive Durathon™ high-strength, friction resistant fabric. 

Eliminator™-GapMaster™ II Soft-sided Shelter
This fully impactable shelter is the industry’s only full access dock shelter that also provides high sealing efficiency. The exclusive GapMaster hooks provide a seal around trailer hinge gaps without restricting accessing to loads, keeping expensive energy inside your building and saving you money.

Eliminator™ II Soft-sided Shelter
The Eliminator II Dock Shelter is fully impactable and can take repeated hits from off-center trailers without suffering expensive damage. Advanced side-frame and header technology allows for better sealing efficiency and the ultimate in long-term durability.

ComboShelter™ II Soft-sided Shelter
The impactable ComboShelter II Dock Shelter is specially engineered to address the unique challenges at docks that accept standard trailers as well as trailers with liftgates and other rear extensions.

Survivor™ Impactable, Rigid Frame Shelter
The Survivor Dock Shelter can withstand hits from off-center trailers without suffering permanent damage the way traditional shelters made of wood, fiberglass and steel can, which saves you from steep repair or replacement costs.

WG-410 Rigid Frame Shelter
Built with Frommelt’s signature quality, the WG-410 provides basic shelter protection and provides both a form-fitting perimeter seal for the top and sides of docked trailers and full, unobstructed access to loads for efficient material handling.

Uni-Dox™ Inflatable Shelter
The Uni-Dox Inflatable Shelter provides the most versatile seal available to service the widest variety of truck and trailer configurations.

Rail-Dox™ Rail Shelter
The Rail-Dox Rail Shelter is available in mechanical or inflatable designs.