Safety, Security and Efficiency Solutions for Loading Dock Lifts and Levelers

Loading Dock Lift & Leveler Safety Solutions

Loading dock lifts and levelers are essential to improving employee safety at the loading dock. Lift and leveler safety includes prevention of injuries sustained over time like dock shock and accidents like trailer drop.

Back injuries are all too common at the loading dock. This painful and expensive issue affects as many as a million workers each year, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Effective loading dock lifts and levelers can reduce the risk of back injuries by decreasing the leading cause for this type of injury, “whole-body vibration.” Loading dock lifts and levelers create a smooth transition between the dock and the trailer allowing workers on forklifts to pass between them with minimal vibration and discomfort.

Safety Products

RHH Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Hydraulic levelers like RHH are the safest dock levelers on the market, providing the smoothest transition between the dock and trailer. Learn more.

Safe-T-Lip Upgrade

The Safe-T-Lip loading dock leveler upgrade provides peace of mind. By automatically blocking vacant loading docks, the Safe-T-Lip prevents fork trucks from accidental backing off the edge of the dock.  Learn more.

Smooth Transition Dock System

Preventing workplace injury from dock shock and trailer drop is best achieved by the combination of a dock levelers and vehicle restraints. Learn more.

Safety Services

Loading Dock Safety Presentation

Our comprehensive loading dock safety program will equip your plant staff with the knowledge needed to ensure the safest working environment possible. Learn more.


Broken dock lifts and levelers present clear risks to the safety of plant workers passing between the warehouse and trailers. Our technicians are ready to quickly address lift and lever repairs.


On-going maintenance of various loading dock lifts and levers in your facility can help you avoid costly emergency repairs and reduce the likelihood of a dangerous equipment malfunction due to disrepair. Learn more.

Loading Dock Lifts & Leveler Security Solutions

Loading dock lifts and levers are not often associated with in-plant security; however, lifts and levelers are an important aspect of systematic loading dock security. By addressing even the inconspicuous aspects of plant security, you’re sending a message to would-be cargo thieves that your facility is not an easy target.

Don’t let your products be part of the $30 billion in cargo stolen from loading docks each year. Protect your facility through a systematic security strategy that includes loading dock leveler and lift security.

Security Products

RHV Vertical Hydraulic Leveler

The RHV vertical-storing hydraulic dock leveler has the unique benefit of minimizing the points of entry into the facility when the door is closed to the facility floor. Learn more.

Loading Dock Vehicle Restraints

Along with their often-advertised safety benefits, loading dock vehicle restraints also provide security benefits. When engaged, vehicle restraints prevent vehicle thieves from taking trucks from the loading dock. Learn more.

Barrier Systems

While barrier systems are not designed to be impenetrable, they do provide a visual barrier between potential thieves and the dock floor. Often this is enough to remove the temptation to try to steal from your facility. Learn more.

Security Solutions


Lifts, levelers, and other dock equipment in disrepair is a visual invitation for thieves to attempt to rob your facility. By resolving these repair needs as soon as possible, you can reduce your likelihood of being a target for theft.


Avoid emergency repairs that hamper productivity at the loading dock and leave your facility vulnerable through on-going facility maintenance powered by Johnson Equipment’s industry leading technical support. Learn more.

Loading Dock Lift and Leveler Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy efficiency at the loading dock requires a comprehensive set of solutions that improve in-plant weather sealing. While dock doors are considered the most important aspect of loading dock climate control, lifts and levelers can be an overlooked contributor to warehouse energy loss.

Energy Efficiency Products

Dual-Dok Lift / Leveler System

The unique Dual-Dok system functions as both a lift and a leveler allowing you to save on the energy needed to power multiple pieces of equipment. Learn more.

RHJ Jumbo Dock Leveler

The RHJ Jumbo is the industry’s premium hydraulic leveler. This device boasts a unique design that eliminates pit wall and bumper obstructions, making it more efficient and easier to maintain than other dock levelers. Learn more.

PitMaster Leveler Seal

The largest contributors to energy loss at the loading dock is often unseen or unnoticed gaps. The PitMaster seals off the “fourth wall” of the loading dock between the underside of the dock exterior of the dock and your facility. Learn more.

Energy Efficiency Services


Broken and malfunctioning loading dock equipment often lead to losses in plant energy efficiency. Our responsive technicians are trained to identify and correct energy efficiency issues throughout the repair process.


Keeping track of climate control levels and weaknesses takes constant attention to detail. That’s why we’ve implemented industry leading facility monitoring systems. With our help, you’ll be able to keep an eye on would-be energy efficiency issues and resolve them before they cost you money. Learn more.